State Supreme Court to hear eminent domain case: Gloucester County NJ Times, 10/25/06

By Trish Graber

The [New Jersey] state Supreme Court has decided to hear a case involving a three-year-old land dispute between the borough and a local property owner.

George Gallenthin, president of Gallenthin Realty Development Corp., challenged the borough's decision to include his property in a redevelopment area to make way for the future Port of Paulsboro, arguing that his property did not meet redevelopment criteria.

Early this year, the state Appellate Division ruled that the borough acted accordingly when including the privately-owned piece of vacant land in its redevelopment plan in 2003.

Part of the land would be condemned for construction of a bridge extending from Exit 19 off Route 295 to the proposed Port of Paulsboro, in order to re-route commercial traffic from local roads.

Gallenthin appealed the borough's decision to Superior Court and later appealed the court's dismissal to the Appellate Division.

In March, the Appellate Division ruled that the borough followed "statutory procedures in reaching the conclusion that the plaintiff's property met the criteria for designation as an area in need of rehabilitation."

The Supreme Court will now decide the case.

Gloucester County NJ Times: http://www.nj.com/news/gloucester