NJ Senate to consider a version of eminent domain bill passed by the Assembly in June 2006

new Jersey state Senator Ronald Rice (D-Newark), Chair of the New Jersey Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee, has scheduled hearings on S-1975. This proposed legislation is the senate version of the “Burzichelli” bill which passed the New Jersey Assembly in June 2006 and seeks to amend portions of the Local Redevelopment Housing Law and the Eminent Domain Act of 1971.

Proposed changed to New jersey laws impact eminent domain cases undertaken as part of local redevelopment efforts. Click here to download the latest version of the bill:

Bear in mind that the text of the bill can be changed without notice. The text between [brackets] includes proposed deletions and that the underlined text comprises new changes to the bill.

Information from the new Jersey Eminent Domain Blog by Bill Ward: http://www.njeminentdomain.com