Eminent Domain ordinance tabled to delight of property owners: NA Today, North Arlington NJ, 10/20/06

An ordinance seeking to impose condemnation along Porete Avenue was tabled by the council majority at last night's [North Arlington] council meeting.

A standing room only, pro-Massa audience filled the council chamber to support the North Arlington Property Rights Coalition from being inflicted with the humiliation of a protracted condemnation process. Council President Phil Spanola chaired the meeting in Pitman's absence and the ordinance was removed from the agenda.

Ordinance #1968 was scheduled for a vote this evening, but the matter was tabled until the January, 2007 meeting of the Mayor & Council.

"The voters will choose a new mayor come November 7th. Once a new mayor is elected by the people, we can then decide on how to proceed," said Councilman Steve Tanelli.

Voters will also vote on November 7th to impose vast restrictions on the usage of eminent domain seizure. Should that referendum pass, any attempt to impose eminent domain in the future could be a moot point.

"We need private property protection from eminent domain. That's why I decided to get into this race. The people are tired of these developer tricks and scams. If I'm elected, eminent domain seizure for the purposes of filling the pockets of wealthy developers will not happen on my watch," said council challenger Al Granell, a former target of eminent domain earlier this year.

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