Public advocate releases eminent domain plan: The Daily Record (Parsippany NJ), 5/18/06

By Gregory J Volpe

[new Jersey] Public Advocate Ronald K. Chen released his proposals today to protect residents from government unfairly taking their land for development. [The report is online at http://www.state.nj.us/publicadvocate.]

Billed as his first major task since taking office as New Jersey's first public advocate in more than a decade, Chen's report calls for:
  • More specific and objective criteria to deem a property blighted.
  • Giving property owners more notice of redevelopment plans and an opportunity to redevelop themselves.
  • Compensating homeowners who lose their property based on what it would cost to buy a similar home in town.

Chen is scheduled to discuss his proposals at 2 p.m. today before the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee, which has been studying whether eminent domain laws need to be changed.

Sen. Ronald L. Rice, D-Essex, chairman of the Community and Urban Affairs Committee, today announced legislation that he says would require adequate notice and public forums before land is taken and fair market value if it is taken.

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