Help a small farmer save the farm

We live in Harrison County Indiana. Recently, county surveyors came to our small farm and staked off part of the land in our fields and in front of our house.

We later learned they want to make the county road straighter, and want to take our land to do it. The problem is that it will only make the road straight to the end of our property. It will then again have to make a sharp turn to go around a old one-room school house that is historically protected.

I plan to fight this. There is already a road in place. And, in the 13 years we have lived here, there has only been 1 car accident — and this was more the fault of alcohol than road conditions.

The only things the project will do are to decrease the value of our property and make it more difficult for us to farm. It will not have any real impact on the traffic situation because of the turn that can not be corrected at the end of our land.

I do not know how to search for laws in Harrison County or in Indiana. Any suggestions or advice anybody could offer would be fantastic.

Please help a small farmer save the farm.

Paul and Paula Hamilton: PandP2000@aol.com