Eminent Domain Victim's House Saved From Wrecking Ball...For Now: FOX19 (Cincinnati OH), 5/19/06

The 80 year old woman forced from her home over the weekend is getting a temporary repreive.

However the news might have come a little too late for Emma Dimasi who has already moved out of the home she lived in for close to 50 years.

The state appeals board says her home that sits on the corner of Dixmyth and Clifton Avenues will be sparred the wrecking ball until her appeal can be heard next month.

Cincinnati used an eminent domain ruling to force her from her home on Dixmyth Avenue for a widening of the road which the city says will make that intersection of Dixmyth and Clifton safer.

Dimasi's son Vincent says that his mother's property was taken so that Good Sam Hospital can expand on the land where Dixmyth currently sits.

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