Poll finds CT voters want to limit eminent domain: WFSB-TV3 (Hartford CT), 7/28/05

A Quinnipiac University poll has found that Connecticut voters want to limit eminent domain, keep the Navy submarine base open and limit the influence of money on public officials.

The poll released today found that 89 percent of the registered voters questioned say the legislature should pass new laws putting limits on the taking of private property. Sixty-one percent oppose the use of eminent domain to take property for public projects and 88 percent oppose using the power to take private property for economic development projects.

On the issue of the Pentagon's plan to shut down the submarine base in Groton, 87 percent are against it and 85 percent say keeping the base open should be a high priority for the state's elected officials.

When it comes to politics, the poll found that 87 percent think that lobbyists and state contractors have too much influence on state officials because of campaign contributions.

However, 47 percent oppose public financing of political campaigns and 51 percent support a ban on political contributions from lobbyists and state contractors.

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