Niagara Falls Could Sue Over Eminent Domain: WBEN-930AM (Niagara Falls NY), 7/25/05

Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello says he's notified state leaders that if he feels they are "not being treated well" over pending eminent domain proceedings and casino revenues, the city could "exercise our options to sue".

As part of the gambling compact between the Seneca Nation and New York state that allowed the Indians to build a casino in the Cataract City, another 52 acres of downtown land is to be condemned through eminent domain, to allow the nation to continue its development plans around the gaming hall and soon-to-be-opened hotel tower.

Several busineses, including two hotels and a newly-opened water park, occupy that land, and several of the property owners plan to fight the seizure plans in court.

Anello says the city has nothing to do with the compact nor the eiminent domain seizures, but he says if the city doesn't get a share of the proceeds, they will go to court.

Anello says the Seneca's "have been good neighbors" and as long as the city continues to get a fair share of casino proceeds, he says he will remain a team player.

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