New London Agrees To Moratorium On Eminent Domain: NBC-TV10 (Providence RI), 7/26/05

Lawmakers May Restrict Taking Of Property For Private Development

New London [CT] officials say they will hold off on development plans for the Fort Trumbull neighborhood until state officials decide whether to limit eminent domain powers.

The decision comes despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month that gave New London the right to seize property for the private hotel and office project.

But the court also said states are free to ban the taking of property for private development, and now Connecticut and other states are considering such restrictions.

Michael Joplin, president of the New London Development Corp., told The Day of New London that his agency will abide by state lawmakers' request for a moratorium on using eminent domain for private development.

City officials said that they are in no hurry to remove the Fort Trumbull landowners from their property. They said there is still a motion by the property owners before the U.S. Supreme Court, asking for a rehearing.

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