Eminent Domain Huge Threat To Homeowners: The (New London CT) Day, 3/1/05

Letter to the Editor

By Daniel Bavasso, Westerly CT

In response to the letter to the editor titled “Eminent domain can revive New London,” published Feb. 27. The writer's home, property or business could be next for the overall good. So, New London can become the next Stamford.

Not to worry — they will give you fair-market value, which means they will give you squat compared to what it is really worth. This big, wonderful project could be a big white elephant in five years. Nobody knows.

One more thing, a person's home doesn't need to be “historically significant” to be valuable to the person who lives there. I didn't know the writer is an expert on blight. She seems to assume quite a bit for someone who has lived in New London a whole year — unlike the affected people who have lived there most of their lives, if not all. I don't know what business the writer is in, but she can assume this — she'll never get mine.

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