Eminent Domain Can Revive New London: The (New London CT) Day, 2/27/05

Letter to the Editor

By Donna Pearlman

I appreciate The Day for its usual thorough, unbiased and well-reported and written coverage of this crucial New London eminent domain case before the Supreme Court of the United States.

As a resident of New London for more than a year now and the owner of a small business, I envision New London as “the next Stamford” and think this precedent-setting case will finally allow this city to achieve its wonderful potential.

I agree completely with this quote from one of your excellent articles, “Attorneys for the city have persuaded the courts in Connecticut that the taking was justified because its primary purpose was not to benefit Pfizer or another corporate entity, but to revive the local economy, improve the waterfront and help the public at large by generating jobs and tax revenue.”

We need to bolster business, generate revenue and help New London achieve its full potential. These structures are not historically significant from what I have seen of the evidence, and the benefits to many will be tremendous, not only in New London, but if this case is decided in favor of the city, for many other blighted neighborhoods and people who need jobs.

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