City's Eminent Domain Stand Is ‘disgusting': The (New London CT) Day, 3/1/05

Letter to the Editor

By Jackie Quercia, Norwich (CT)

It is unconstitutional, immoral and downright disgusting for New London to be in the business of taking people's homes by using the lame excuse that it will increase the local tax base. If that were the only criterion needed, then we are all at risk of losing our homes.

It is happening — and successfully — all across this country that elitist developers are trying to take property by using such tactics.

This is not a free country when you can lose your home or business on a whim or because someone decides that he or she has a better use for it.

I have been under the misguided impression that the laws in this country were put in place to protect us. It certainly does not appear so, at least not in New London.

I have never been so angry at anyone as I am at the city “fathers” who made this decision. They are bullies, and if I owned one of the homes they are trying to take away, I would chain myself to my front door. Every person in this country should be very afraid of what is happening.

We all need to take a strong stand against such tyranny.

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