Eminent domain a real concern if TAD passes : Camden County GA Tribune & Georgian, 6/15/07

Letters to the Editor

By Lou Eyerly, St Marys GA

Not only did Durango rape the mill and return to Mexico with millions by selling off parts of the mill and borrowing millions from a national banking system, now LandMar comes in and wants a tax allocation to basically pay for cleaning up the tremendous toxicity at the mill.

The letter from Greg Bird ("LandMar goes a TAD bit too far with our taxes") on Wednesday (June 6) has it correct, but the devil is also in the details. If you get a copy of Tax Allocation Districts [TADs] in Georgia, look on page 8 under: What restrictions apply if a county or municipality is not the redevelopment agency, sub paragraph (5) says "The power of eminent domain may only be exercised by the local legislative body of the country or municipality, or a downtown development authority."

The local legislative body, if the TAD passes on June 19, will place the authority of eminent domain in the hands of a board appointed and not elected to exercise eminent domain power over us. That is not advertised and probably will not be brought out to us before we vote. What a powerful tool to be used against the average citizen.

Also, why should the citizens of St. Marys and the county pay for the cleanup of the Gilman property? Billionaires have purchased the mill, why should they not pay for the cleanup instead of us? My grandmother used to say, "When you buy the dog, you also buy the fleas on the dog." Use some of Greg Bird's figures to see how much each and every one of us will pay for 30 years. So everyone must vote, and when you vote, be sure you understand the issue. Be careful you do not vote yourself into welfare.

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