City might use eminent domain to take over historic mansion: KVIA-TV7, El Paso TX, 6/18/07

The [El Paso TX] city government has taken another step towards taking over the historic A.B. Fall mansion.

The mansion, formerly the property of Albert B. Fall, is located at 1725 Arizona in Central El Paso.

Fall's granddaughter, Marthana Bethune, tells ABC-7 the city has set aside $633,000 to buy the mansion pending a decision. Bethune believes the mansion should become a museum.

A series of complaints and failed inspections during the past ten years has made city officials debate taking control of the mansion.

Three commissioners appointed by a judge have determined the value the city will pay for the historic building if the eminent domain proceedings go through.

A hearing is scheduled for July 18th to determine if the city can go through with the purchase.

KVIA-TV7, El Paso TX: http://www.kvia.com