Legislative leadership's move to kill Eminent Domain amendment: Cherokee Sentinel (Murphy NC), 7/12/06

Letter to the Editor

By Kieran Shanahan, N.C. Property Rights Coalition

A [North carolina] State House Committee refused to even hear a bill calling for a constitutional amendment to prevent government from using eminent domain authority to take our private property for economic development purposes. Instead of allowing this important bill to be heard, it was sent to the Rules Committee to die without fair consideration.

The legislators who voted to kill this important bill would have you believe that legislation passed earlier during this session ensuring that our private property is safe from the long arm of eminent domain, and it does not provide North Carolinians with the level of protection we deserve. Legislators come and go, and laws can easily be changed. That's why we need a state Constitutional amendment to ensure that North Carolinians' private property is safe from eminent domain abuse.

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