City Drops Plans For Eminent Domain: KCBD-TV11 (Lubbock TX), 7/10/06

One Lubbock Church is thanking God for a decision the Lubbock City Council made Monday.

That decision is to pay Faith Assembly of God Church $510,000 and drop plans for eminent domain. NewscChannel 11 first brought you the story back in June. You'll recall, the city plans to widen 50th street between Slide and the West Loop. But, that expansion would require the church to lose part of its sanctuary.

At first, the city was only going to compensate the church $250,000. But Monday, the council agreed to pay the $510,000 the church first requested. "We feel like the Lord has answered our prayers and victory has been given," said pastor Terry Nessmith.

The money granted will allow the church to rebuild its sanctuary in order to meet its attendance needs.

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