Eminent Domain Overtime? KIMT-TV3 (Mason City IA), 6/5/06

By Anthony Welsch

Iowa lawmakers could be headed back down to Des Moines to talk eminent domain with Governor Vilsack.

Last week the Governor shot down a bill that would have made it tougher for local governments to take land for public use.

Vilsack says the bill lacks balance.

But both democrats and republicans in the legislature are pushing for either a veto override or a special session to work out some sort of compromise.

In order to override Vilsack's veto, the legislature would have to come up with a two-thirds majority.

Local lawmakers aren't tipping their hand as to what'll come next.

"You know, I don't know. It takes a two-thirds majority to call a special session and I think the differences now are over what the special session would take up," Rep. Bill Shickel of Mason City said.

Republicans are reportedly sending out letters to G.O.P. legislators trying to gauge where to go next and what kind of support they've got for a veto or a special session.

We should know later this week, where the debate will go next.

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