Developer Wants Eminent Domain Used if Negotiations Fail: WSYR-TV9 (Syracuse NY), 6/13/06

The developer looking to purchase the Warren Street Garage from Miami Investor Eli Hadad says if negotiations to purchase the structure are not successful by July 2nd, he wants eminent domain used so he can take control of the garage.

The developer, Tony Fiorito, tells NewsChannel 9 that he wants to take ownership of the garage, which was closed by city inspectors almost two months ago due to structural issues. Fiorito says he wants to develop the garage, and the entire block it sits on.

So far, Hadad has offered to sell the garage, but Fiorito says he price he wants for it is “outrageous.”

If Fiorito is able to take control, his plans for the renovation include 985 parking spaces, which is something that Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield employees should be happy to hear.

Why? They have just learned another garage that’s been offering them a special rate is increasing their prices. The price to park used to be $35 a month, but now it’s going up to $45 a month.

The company that manages the garage says the price increase is a direct result of supply and demand.

The closure of the Warren Street Parking Garage brought a wave of new business to Shopper’s Garage in Armory Square. It’s just a few blocks from the Excellus office, and from the Warren Street Garage, where many employees used to park.

Most who park in the garage say if they have to pay more, they would like to see some improvements.

“I’m willing to pay the extra money if they fix the garage up, but if they are just going to take our money and let the garage fall apart, it’s just going to turn into another Warren Street Garage situation,” one worker told us today.

While most employees say they are frustrated by the rate hike, they say they’ll stay there because it’s still pretty cheap. Most other garages in the area cost between $60 and $80 a month.

The company that owns the garage says the increase is not necessarily permanent, and that prices may go back down when the Warren Street Garage reopens.

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