Sacramento To Use Eminent Domain In Oak Park: CBS13 (Sacramento CA), 3/8/06

City Will Buy Two Liquor Stores

The Sacramento City council is taking some rare and controversial steps to crack down on crime. It has voted to declare eminent domain over a couple of Oak Park liquor stores.

The City of Sacramento will use the eminent domain laws to buy-out and relocate a couple of Oak Park businesses it considers a public nuisance. The businesses are the Washington Market, and Day's Market.

Neighbors complain the stores are magnets for crime and neighborhood problems. The city council heard from those neighbors Tuesday night who said they witness prostitution and drug deals near the liquor stores on a daily basis.

The city may spend more than $2.5 million to buy out and move the businesses, and the council seems to think it's a good investment. The property will be used for housing.

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