City Wins Clifton Eminent Domain Battle: WXIX-TV19 (Cincinnati OH), 3/28/06

An 80-year-old woman has been ordered to move out of her Clifton house after a battle with the city of Cincinnati over eminent domain.

Emma Dimasi has lived on the corner of Dixmyth and Clifton for 47 years but now must find somewhere else to live.

The city wants to use the land that her house sits on to relocate Dixmyth Avenue. Dimasi says it's just a way to help Good Samaritan Hospital. Dimasi case is stating that the claim is not for a civic purpose but to help a private company. The state of Ohio has issued a moratorium against eminent domain for private development until further research can be done to explore the constitutionality of claiming land for private interest.

"She's very adamant about maintaining her independence," said Emma's son and lawyer Vincent Dimasi. "This is her home, this is basically all that she has and she's trying to hold on to that."

The Hamilton County Magistrate found this street project promoted public safety.

Dimasi has two weeks to appeal her case.

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