FRC Calls on Congress to Rein in Eminent Domain Power: Family Research Council, 9/20/05

Press release

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony concerning the recent Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. New London which greatly expanded the eminent domain power of government to seize private property for "public use." Senators heard testimony from several victims of the Kelo decision, including Susette Kelo and Wilhelmina Dery. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:
"Today's Senate testimony revealed that the threat to freedom posed by the Supreme Court's Kelo decision is still very real. Hopefully still fresh in the Senate Judiciary Committee member's minds is the testimony they heard last week from Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Judge Roberts reminded Congress they have the power to challenge Supreme Court rulings they disagree with. Such advice needs to be taken seriously.

"Following the Kelo decision, the House of Representatives approved legislation to use the spending power of Congress to protect private property owners who are threatened by the misuse of eminent domain. I call on the Senate to join the House in protecting the fundamental right to private property."

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