Bean company to fight eminent domain takeover of property: WANE-TV15 (Indianapolis IN), 9/22/05

Authorities may use eminent domain to seize property occupied for almost 60 years by a bean factory in downtown Indianapolis.

They want to use the land for a parking lot near the new stadium being built for the Indianapolis Colts.

N-K Hurst Company owns almost four-and-a-half acres on the southeast corner of what would be the stadium's parking lot. But Hurst says the company does not want to leave because of the cost of moving and the disruption of its business.

John Klipsch, the executive director of the Indiana Stadium and Convention Center Building Authority, says they absolutely need the property. He says the only thing to be negotiated is how much they'll pay Hurst.

Groundbreaking on the $500 million stadium just south of the R-C-A Dome was on Tuesday. The new stadium is expected to be completed in time for the 2008 N-F-L season.

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