A better answer on eminent domain: Concord (NH) Monitor, 8/11/05

Letter to the Editor

By Christine Anderson, Concord NH

I'd like to be a homeowner someday. I'd like a house with a little land so I can plant a vegetable and flower garden. I'd like a back yard so my cat can roam about, supervised, of course, and where I can sit and enjoy a late summer afternoon.

However, with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding eminent domain, I'm not sure my dream will ever come true. The decision allows the government to seize private property, thereby enabling private businesses and developers to take control. I am appalled that the government believes it is justified in taking private property for development.

Officials claim it is all right if it benefits the community. But isn't each individual home a part of the community? There is no community when they are all gone. The thought of one day losing a home I have worked hard for in order to expand a highway or build a shopping mall is disturbing.

What is the answer for all those who may lose homes and property? I wish I knew. Perhaps fighting tooth and nail is the answer. Maybe chaining yourself to the bulldozer before it approaches or to the giant oak tree you've watched grow over the years will work.

What isn't the answer is what some Weare residents are doing. The Aug. 2 Monitor article by Joelle Farrell discusses the action of several residents in regard to the recent Supreme Court decision. Petitions have been circulated asking for Supreme Court Justice David Souter's eight acres to be turned into a park or a hotel. Although the petitions are aimed at making a statement, there has to be another way. These actions are no different than the government's, which they are opposing.

Being vindictive is not the answer. Standing up for your rights and not giving in are.

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