Eminent domain hurting Huntington businesses: The (Marshall University, Huntington WV) Parthenon, 3/30/05


A local business that has served the Huntington community for 59 years is being forced out by Marshall University. Eminent domain, the law that allows government to seize private property for public use, has been a buzz word around the Tri-State recently.

Glaser Furniture, a business located on Third Avenue, is being forced to close so Marshall can expand. What message is this sending to other local businesses? How can one business, who has helped the Marshall community, simply be forced to close? Huntington was founded before Marshall was a university, and although Marshall makes Huntington the city it is today, there needs to be some limits to where Marshall can go.

Local businesses bring more options to Marshall students as well as the Huntington community and without them money leaves Huntington. Perhaps now is the time for the city to stand up to Marshall before other businesses, which Huntington has strived so hard to preserve, leave. Local businesses help Marshall, now Marshall should help local businesses.

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