Developers are lusting after us: Emdo Speak Out, 3/27/05

By Kathy Scruggs

I'm a seasonal owner in a 55-over community along the intracoastal waterway [in Boynton beach FL]. With our almost 42 acres, developers are lusting after us and are being abetted by the very ones who were elected to represent our interest, though shill corporations like the Community Redevelopment Agency. We are, according to the CRA, 'under-utilized' land! All up and down the Intracoastal waterway, older development like ours are being pressured and the fear of losing our homes — homes on which many of us pay a non-homestead tax — to eventual eminent domain.

Government is totally out of control. I remind people that we fought a Revolutionary War over such things and so intent were those who wrote our founding documents to ensure our rights to live in our homes they incorporated our right in the Constitution. Yet, every day, all over the US, the government is allowing lands and private property to be taken, not for some true "public purpose," but to raise more tax dollars, so that wages and benefits of those who work with or for the various government agencies can grow and assure them of future health care and retirement benefits that few of us in private enterprise can ever hope for. Meanwhile our seniors and minorities are thrown away like so much debris because our homes are "undervalued". Where do these people go? Our city commissioner recently suggested building 'affordable' housing on an old city dump for goodness sake!

Despite our being almost 40-years old, condos in my community have been increasing in values. Yet, once pigeon-holed into a CRA or other such redevelopment plan, your tax assessments seldom go up all the better to make the case that we are not paying enough taxes!

We have 840 residents here and are eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court decision re: Kelo vs. New London, Conn.

Kathy Scruggs: waka.scs.1@worldnet.att.net

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