Woman Fighting Eminent Domain Gets To Keep Property — (Dallas-Ft Worth TX) NBC5, 11/4/04

Mansfield Wanted To Buy Woman's 2.5 Acres

A Mansfield [TX] landowner gets to keep all of her property after all.

The city wanted to buy 2.5 acres of Wanda Allen's property to complete a huge development that includes a public softball complex.

State law allows cities to acquire property by eminent domain, if it will better the community, but residents and neighbors opposed the idea, and Wednesday night, the Mansfield City Council agreed to look for another place to build.

"I don't think the city has a right to take people's land from them, it had nothing to do with the money, it's the citizen's right to fight for what they believe in," Allen said.

An architect is still working out the new plans for the development.

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