Eminent Domain Is Mere Thievery — The [New London CT] Day, 11/2/04

Letter to the Editor

By Mark Wickerd, Griswold [CT]

I watched the news recently and witnessed a family in Bristol [CT] having their home torn down to accommodate a new business. The town took their land through eminent domain to sell it to a business for less than it was worth.

The same thing is happening in New London and being fought in the courts right now. I am appalled to see towns and cities “stealing” the homes from families to supply the land to big business (Stealing, n., Taking (the property of another) without right or permission.) These people do not want to sell their land, so city and town officials are using eminent domain taking it for less than it is worth.

This is not what eminent domain was meant to accomplish. It is just city and town attorneys bending the law to accomplish a theft of property.

The rest of us just sit and watch, because it is not happening to us. We are no better than the people who stand and watch someone being assaulted on the street and don't come to their aid.

If you want to help, please check out Web site www.castlecoalition.org before you are a victim.

To all you city and town officials involved in these actions, just remember one thing. In the end, we all have to answer for what we do in our lives and may be when your end comes and you think you are going home, God just might say, “Sorry, your home was taken by eminent domain.”

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