Business Owners Fear Eminent Domain

Derby Negotiates For Downtown Property

Fear of eminent domain is spreading among a group of Derby business owners.

Brian Calvert, the owner of a Derby safe and lock business, told Eyewitness News that he didn't come to this country in 1968 and build up a business for 35 years to have it all torn down by eminent domain.

"There are people unfortunately all over the U.S. today hearing those two words: eminent domain, and that's so un-American," he said. "Stealing is stealing where I come from."

Calvert is one of a few business owners who are negotiating relocation terms and buyout possibilities with the city.

The city tore down several blighted downtown buildings this past summer, but a few with living businesses remain.

Derby city officials told Eyewitness News that they would prefer not to have to take people's property by court order, but a multimillion dollar downtown revitalization project hangs in the balance.

Negotiations between the business owners and the city are ongoing.

WFSB-TV10, Hartford CT: http://www.wfsb.com

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