Couple Awarded More Money in Eminent Domain Case: WSAZ-TV3, Charleston WV, 9/20/07

By Associated Press

A jury has decided that a Sissonville [WV] couple whose land was seized by the Kanawha County school board two years ago through eminent domain should be paid an additional $202,000.

The Kanawha County jury weighed three appraisals presented as evidence before deciding yesterday that the 48 acres was worth more than the $305,000 Beldon and Clara Huston were paid in 2005.

One appraisal placed the value at more than 1 million dollars.

The lawyer for the school board said that appraisal incorrectly compared the hilly Sissonville land to developed property along U.S. routes 119 and 35.

The Huston land was selected as the site of the new Sissonville Middle School.

Kanawha Circuit Judge Irene Berger gave both sides 10 days to file further motions in the case.

While the Hustons aren't satisfied with the amount they were awarded, Clara Huston says they're tired of fighting.

Huston says she and her husband didn't want to move and never would have sold the property - for any price.

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