City Amends Eminent Domain Law: Sierra Madre CA Weekly, 8/2/07

The City Council has presented an ordinance bringing Pasadena law on the use of eminent domain for redevelopment purposes in line with new state regulations.

SB 53 requires cities using the right to acquire property through eminent domain for redevelopment areas to hold a public hearing after mailing notices to all affected property owners in the area.

The city currently has nine redevelopment areas, and the eminent domain power has lapsed in each of them. To reactivate it, the city would need to amend the redevelopment plans.

The areas in the city include Fair Oaks (original and amended), downtown, Villa Parke, Orange Grove, Lake/Washington, Old Pasadena, Lincoln Avenue and Halstead-Sycamore.

The ordinance does not affect the city's power to use eminent domain for other than redevelopment purposes.

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