School Board to Vote on Rescinding Decision: No Middle School at Fairmont Blog, 6/15/07

Some great news for all those concerned with the prospect of a middle school at Fairmont!

The WCCUSD [West Contra Costa CA Unified School Board] board will vote to rescind its decision to make Fairmont the lead proposal for the relocation of Portola and is basically going to restart the entire process to find a solution to the problem. They are proposing a much more systematic approach to finding a middle school site, including establishing criteria for what they are looking for in a middle school and employing a CEQA consultant. See the agenda for the meeting on June 20 here. On the agenda, it is Item E1.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended meetings, circulated petitions, wrote letters and generally raised the profile of this issue.

It's comforting to see that the school board can change its mind when a mistake is made and I applaud them for doing so. Many people have commented about the flawed process and the board seems willing to learn from its failures in this case. As the agenda item says: ``We regret the difficulty and length of this process and for the fact that, after all this, we find ourselves `back at the drawing board.' We are, hopefully, wiser for these efforts. ''

Please realize that the search for a new middle school is not over and we all need to stay engaged and give the district as much support and feedback as we can to make sure we can all get the kind of middle school our kids and community need.

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