Governor Gibbons signs eminent domain compromise bill: KVBC-TV3, Las Vegas NV, 5/24/07

Associated Press

A compromise plan that restricts government agencies' use of eminent domain to acquire property has been signed into law by Governor Jim Gibbons.

Supporters of the compromise say it provides strong protections against government abuses of eminent domain powers while still providing the option for large public works, such as transportation projects.

The law takes effect immediately. There's also a related constitutional amendment that will have to be approved again by the 2009 Legislature before advancing to a statewide vote in 2010.

Supporters say the proposals are an improvement over last year's Question 2, called the People's Initiative to Stop the Taking of our Land or PISTOL by its supporters.

Lawmakers who pushed the compromise say it includes more evenhanded terms for valuing property, agreed to by both government lawyers and PISTOL supporters.

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