City of Syracuse may use eminent domain: News 10 Now, Syracuse NY, 2/23/07

By Cait McVey

The city of Syracuse may use eminent domain to take over land on Midler Avenue.

The city originally leased the property from the Sutton Investing Corporation in 1984. Now, Sutton wants the city to clean up and move off the property, but the city said the site serves an important purpose. For years, it has been used by the DPW for yard waste.

City Attorney Nancy Larson said with lease negotiations and purchase offers falling through, the city has no other choice than to use eminent domain.

"We have to pay to do that process somewhere, and without the city being able to do it on the Sutton site, then we will have to pay to do it elsewhere and pay to remove the mulch immediately from that site. And, it's just not the right solution to the taxpayers," said Assistant Corporation Council Nancy Larson.

Still, the Sutton Corporation said it would be an abuse of eminent domain. The city council will address the issue on March 12th.

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