City to consider appeal on eminent domain award: Winona MN Daily News, 2/2/07

By Brian Voerding

The city of Winona might appeal an eminent domain award.

A court ordered the city last fall to pay an additional $28,000 for a property it took for the Pelzer Street project, owned by the Goodview partnership Evanson and Evanson.

The city had offered the partnership $115,000 for the land, but Evanson and Evanson contested the amount, and a court ordered the city to pay $143,100.

At the time, the city said it wouldn’t appeal the ruling; now the Winona City Council will consider an appeal during a closed session Monday.

The city is already in the process of appealing another court decision on property it took for the railroad overpass project.

A court awarded businessman Rich Mikrut $903,000 for losing a quarter-acre of land and a primary access point for a proposed truck-to-train transfer station. The city had initially offered Mikrut $72,500.

The Pelzer Street project, which will create the city’s first railroad overpass, is expected to be completed sometime this summer.

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