Wyoming House Votes On Eminent Domain: KIFI-TV8, Idaho Falls ID, 1/25/07

The Wyoming House of Representatives made more changes today (Thursday) to eminent domain legislation.

The House voted to allow landowners whose property is being condemned for public or private projects to consider how much the entities paid for similar properties elsewhere in determining fair market value of their land.

The House on second reading approved an amendment to its eminent domain bill to allow a number of factors to be considered in determining fair market value. Yesterday (Wednesday) the House had approved language specifying that fair market value would be based on certified appraisals.

Representative Kermit Brown is a Republican from Laramie. He proposed the amendment to allow determinations of fair market value to include information about how much the entity seeking to condemn private property had paid for other properties. His amendment also allows consideration of how much the property could have realized for its owner if it weren't condemned.

The bill needs to be heard one more time in the House before it heads to the Senate.

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