TFB calls for eminent domain reform: Southwest Farm Press, 12/6/06

Nearly 1,000 voices spoke as one for additional protections in [Texas] Farm Bureau policy to deal with threats to private property due to eminent domain proceedings.

Driven by concerns over the potential loss of land due to the Trans-Texas Corridor and other state and local initiatives, some 968 voting delegates at the 73rd annual Texas Farm Bureau meeting unanimously adopted state policy and recommended national policy that strengthens landowners’ options when confronted with eminent domain proceedings. State policies adopted during the annual meeting serve as a roadmap to guide the state’s largest farm organization as it addresses issues and challenges in 2007.

Regarding eminent domain, delegates supported legislation requiring those exercising eminent domain to make a good faith offer. They suggested the condemning authority should pay attorney fees, appraisal fees and related costs whenever the offer is challenged and the amount awarded exceeds the initial offer. Delegates said adequate time should be given to those affected by eminent domain to relocate.

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