Supporters Rally for Eminent Domain Protester: Keene NH Free Press, 10/16/06

Supporters rallied for Winchester resident Lauren Canario in CT on Sunday. Canario was arrested on 9/22 for sitting on the porch of a friend's house reading a book. The home had been seized by the City of New London and the court case went all the way to the Supreme Court in the case Kelo vs. New London. The Court ruled that cities and states could seize people's homes and give the property over to corporations, such a Pfizer, who initiated the Kelo theft.

Lauren moved to New London to help the Kelo folks protect their homes. She was sitting there that morning for the same reason - to protect property rights for all of us. Since the Kelo decision, private property around the nation has been endangered. Lauren knew that we can't wait for politicians to fix the problem - they're creating the problems. So she took direct action. Now she's in jail for a month, at least, and being forced to have a psychiatric exam for her refusal to speak to her captors.

Kelo happened because of our inaction. When enough people refuse to cooperate with evil government decisions, they will have to temper the evil they're doing. It will take action from all of us. No one person can make it happen, but the combined effort of many can do so. If each person does what little they have in their power to do, the cascading effect can be phenomenal. Lauren did her part and she suffers in prison now for it. We, too, can do a little to stem the tide of evil government.

About 20 supporters held signs outside her jail on Sunday for 4 hours, asking for her release and bringing attention to the eminent domain injustice in New London, and around the county. Kat Kanning is fasting for Lauren's release. She began fasting the evening of Friday the 13th and plans to continue until Lauren's release. There are many little things that can be done to help: Write Lauren a letter, write a letter to the editor for your local paper, or for a New London paper, attend a rally, speak up when eminent domain is proposed in your town.

To write to Lauren, send your letters to:
Lauren Canario #334457
c/o York Correctional Institution
201 West Main Street
Niantic, CT 06357

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