Bluffs Give Go-Ahead To Eminent Domain Buy: KETV-TV7 Omaha NE, 9/26/06

Dozens Of Properties To Be Taken Over By City

The Council Bluffs [IA] City Council gave the city manager the go-ahead on Monday night to acquire dozens of properties under existing eminent domain laws.

Council members had to make that decision this week, because the state's eminent domain law changes next week. After Oct. 1, the law in Iowa becomes much more restrictive. Until then, the city can take a property that needs to be developed.

"What we're doing is giving staff the option to work on and negotiate within those parameters," said Councilman Darren Bates.

"I'm not comfortable with putting 60 properties on the list at one time," said Councilman Matt Schultz.

All the properties on the eminent domain list are already part of the city's urban renewal project. The city has already been developing them, but chances are it won't develop all the properties on the list, officials said.

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