Eminent Domain: Property Rights Act of 2006: New Jersey Eminent Domain Blog, 9/14/06

By William Ward

Just in the nick of time, and two weeks before the United States Senate will adjourn, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced the "Property Rights Protection Act of 2006" (S3878). The bill is the same as H.R. 4128 (http://www.njeminentdomain.com/HR%204128%20TEXT.pdf) which was passed by the House of Representatives in 2005 (325 affirmative votes to 38). H.R. 4128 has been dormant in the Senate Judiciary Committee, despite the efforts of many property reform groups to see some action.

The new bill, S3878, will go directly to the floor of the Senate, requiring Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist to put eminent domain reform on the agenda. Other Republicans, including Arlen Specter, Bill Frist and President George Bush are missing in action on this issue. Eminent Domain reform is an important issue nationwide and will not go away.

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The Institute for Justice has issued an alert that the above bill is being held up by Senate Majority leader, Bill Frist. The text of the alert is as follows:
Last week, Senator James Inhofe introduced S. 3873, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2006." This bill is identical to the House of Representatives' terrific eminent domain reform bill, H.R. 4128, which has been stuck in the Senate Judiciary Committee since it passed the House last November by an overwhelming majority of 376-38. S. 3873 - which is now the vehicle for eminent domain reform in Congress - will go straight to the floor of the Senate, bypassing the hold-ups other eminent domain bills are encountering in the Senate. However, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will not put eminent domain reform on the Senate's agenda, effectively prohibiting the Senate from voting on this bill!

There are only 15 days left before the Senate adjourns. It is more important than ever that you make your voices heard. Call Senator Frist now and ask him to put S. 3873, federal eminent domain reform, on the Senate's agenda and allow a vote. Explain that the American people are strongly opposed to the abuse of eminent domain, both politically and morally - and this opposition will only continue to grow. Then contact your own two senators and urge them to support S. 3873.

You can use the following link to send an email message to all members of the Senate directly: https://action.popuvox.com/default.aspx?actionID=286.

Christina Walsh
Institute for Justice