Santa Rosans launch referendum drive against eminent domain: 6/23/06

Press release

Santa Rosa CA citizens launched a referendum petition drive today to force a citywide vote on the Gateways Redevelopment Project. The City’s use of eminent domain tops the list of concerns. The Redevelopment Agency’s inclusion of eminent domain in the 1,102 acre project area was approved by the City Council this week. Spearheaded by the Santa Rosa Avenue Area Business Association (SRAABA), the petition drive will gather about 9,000 signatures by July 20 to place the issue before voters this Fall.

According to SRAABA’s vice-president, Rosa Koire, “Small business and property owners do not want the threat of eminent domain hanging over them for 12 years. Our concerns are real.” The Redevelopment Agency will have the power to take private property for private use for 12 years. Citizens who are also concerned about gentrification and the possibility that small businesses will be pushed out by large developers have hotly contested the adoption of the Gateways Redevelopment Project. The citizens advisory committee on the Gateways project voted against it, and recommended that it not be adopted.

“Let the voters decide.” Koire said, “Santa Rosans deserve a voice on eminent domain. Today, the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on eminent domain, is the day that voters can begin to turn the tide.”

Santa Rosa Avenue Area Business Association
Rosa Koire, Vice President: tokoire@aol.com
Box 14842
Santa Roas, CA 95402