When will you or someone you know be evicted by an eminent domain action?

Remember Elian Gonzalez? By surrounding his home supporters kept the media tuned to his story and made all Americans aware of his plight.

In the same spirit Freestar Media LLC is creating a calendar of the eviction dates of victims of eminent domain abuse (EDA). This calendar will allow opponents of EDA to surround the homes and businesses of victims on eviction day and call attention to their story.

After we have the calendar we will need a band of people ready to walk, drive or fly to frontline of the eminent domain wars—to whomever's home or business is next in the path of government bulldozers. Freestar will videotape these frontline events for its movie. We are even considering having a roaming Woodstock —music bands that travel America playing at the victim's home or business on the last day in order to attract a crowd. Together we can fight out-of-control government. But we must unify and focus our effort on the frontline in order to call attention to the tremendous injustice of eminent domain abuse.

  • June 24, 2006 11:59pm: Bob Blue, Bernard Luggage Company, 1642 Vine Street, L.A., CA 90028

Contact Freestar Media to list an eviction date, help on the front line, or support the effort with a contribution:

Join us on the frontline: mailto:Logan@FreestarMedia.com

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