Eminent domain task force issues final report: Kansas City (KS) Business Journal, 12/30/05

The Missouri Task Force on Eminent Domain issued a list of 18 recommendations Friday to Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt for changes and improvements in how eminent domain is used in the state.

In a written release, Blunt said he endorses the recommendations, which, if enacted, are expected to make a difference in curbing the abuse of eminent domain in the state.

The recommendations include:
  • Legislation to define just compensation, blight, public use and good faith negotiations.
  • Legislation that ensures property owners are made aware of their rights and that property owners have sufficient time to participate in the process.
  • Laws to allow for mediation and cost recovery.
  • Laws to protect landowners if the condemning authority acts in bad faith or doesn't use the land for its original purpose within a certain time frame.
  • Laws that limit eminent domain powers to elected officials and their appointees.
  • Laws that prevent eminent domain use to take farm land for economic development purposes.
  • Studying the possibility of a state government official to help citizens with the eminent domain process.

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