Teach Eminent Domain abusing politicians a lesson

Tom Picinich and Michael Cristofaro both lost their homes to the New London CT Municipal Development Plan (the subject of the landmark Kelo v New London Supreme Court case). They are now running for City Council in New London.

A political action committee (PAC) has been established to help raise campaign funds. The Free New London PAC website is

The candidates believe that their victory will not only help to redress the situation in New London. They state that they can "teach a lesson to every politician who contemplates using Eminent Domain to seize taxpayers' homes." And they urge concerned Americans to "join us in helping to throw out the corrupt New London City Council this November and make an example of them to every politician across the country who has designs on your property." They add, "If the New London city council is allowed to remain in place, the implications are chilling. Politicians across America will be sent a message - that it is okay to steal our homes and sell them off to the highest bidder."