Move City Forward After Eminent-domain Fiasco: The (New London CT) Day, 10/21/05

Letter To The Editor

By Sandra Clarke Oney, New London

Enough is enough is enough. For the past six years, Connecticut, New London and the New London Development Corp [NLDC]. have all spent a great deal of time and money defending their decision to take properties in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood by eminent domain. Meanwhile, many lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the six people who believe they still hold ownership to properties within this neighborhood.

The difference is that the Institute for Justice has done all of its legal work for free. During these six years the three defendants (Connecticut, New London and NLDC) have not wavered from their position that the taking of these properties is a process allowed by law, and in every courtroom including the Supreme Court they have been found to be correct. In other words, we won.

But political posturing has taken over the minds of two of the defendants. The state now wants New London to wait awhile so that it can “reconsider” the law as it is now written. The city has taken some knocks, too, and the councilors are also posturing as any politician can. But all three of the defendants were found to be correct in their decision to move forward with the projects in Fort Trumbull.

And so, New London should now move forward:
  • The council should immediately recall its votes of Oct. 17.
  • State officials should remember that they were the ones who agreed that eminent domain was the way to go, and they also have spent time and money defending this decision for six years. They should just back off.
  • And the NLDC should move to take the properties immediately. No more delays. The six people who believe that the money that they have been offered isn't enough can then fight the amounts in court if they want to, but the city and the state must move forward now.

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Sandra Clarke Oney is a member of the New London Development Corp