Board passes eminent domain resolution: Barron (WI) News Shield, 9/1/05

By Eric Quade

In reaction to a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Barron County Board of Supervisors passed a motion formally objecting to the Supreme Court's ruling and to ensure that county government refrains from such behavior.

Supervisor Bob Olson wrote the motion and asked the board to support it in an act of solidarity against the Supreme Court's recent New London case ruling.

The motion states that the Court ruling supports "local government's ability to take private property for a vaguely defined 'public good' such as economic development, or increased tax revenues to the local government itself."

Olson said that line 26 of the motion only supports the seizure of private property as a "last resort" and also only for a "public project," which contrasts with the court ruling where private property was condemned under eminent domain and sold to another private entity.

The motion passed with only Supervisor James Stavran objecting.

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