Connecticut Declares Eminent Domain Moratorium: RedState.org, 7/13/05

By California Yankee

Connecticut's state legislators declared a moratorium Monday on the use of eminent domain in Connecticut. According to The [New London] Day no municipality, not even New London, can go forward with any eminent domain plans until the legislature revises the law to protect the rights of private homeowners.

Governor Rell issued a statement saying she supported the moratorium and urging the legislature to act without delay:
"This issue is the 21st-century equivalent of the Boston Tea Party: the government taking away the rights and liberties of property owners without giving them a voice," Rell said. "But this time it is not a monarch wearing robes in England we are fighting; it is five robed justices at the Supreme Court in Washington."

The state's overwhelmingly Democratic legislature must be taking a lot of heat over the U.S. Supreme Court's decision involving New London, which made it clear that government can seize your home and give it to a large corporation to build a mall, shopping center or office park. A Republican-led proposal to ban the taking of single-family homes for reasons other than public projects such as highways and government buildings was defeated last month.

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Editor's note: This report has been found in error. Governor Rell has suggested a moratorium and support has been expressed by some members of the legislature, but no specific action has been taken.