The Roseland property debate continues: WNDU-TV16 (South Bend IN), 6/9/05

Board members suggested that the city use Eminent Domain to acquire the property

By Judi Lykowski

It looks as if a new plumbing business in Roseland is being flushed out of town, whether the owner likes it or not.

Big controversy in the small town of Roseland, all because of the property being occupied by Aaron’s Plumbing on the corner of intersection at Pendel and 31 North.

At Thursday’s board meeting one of the board members suggested that the city use Eminent Domain to acquire the land. A suggestion was also made to get a new appraisal on the property, which would eventually lead to the purchasing of the property.

Upon obtaining the land, the city would demolish the existing property. A house would be moved from down the street, renovated and then used as the new police station.

David and Dorothy Snyder who are husband and wife board members voted for the resolution, while the board’s president Charles Shields voted it down. Board member David Snyder said, “We are very serious about it. It’s something the town really needs. We need a police presence up there and that spot is perfect.”

Aaron’s Plumbing owner Kelly Catanzarite’s attorney Peter Agostino said, “We were not surprised about the ongoing effort to exercise Eminent Domain, but that’s a long and arduous process. In the meantime my client is entitled to develop and operate her business here in Roseland.”

“The repairs and improvements are being done. They’ll continue until the vision I saw is completed,” said Catanzarite.

Over the past two weeks Catanzarite has received 14 alleged permit violations. At Thursday’s meeting her attorney offered $200 to clear all those violations and the board approved that.

With a two to one vote for using Eminent Domain the city will continue to pursue the property, while Catanzarite will continue to renovate and remodel with the hopes of freely operating her business.

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