Briefs filed in support of the petitioners in Kelo v. New London — The Institute for Justice

The Institute for Justice, which will represent the petitioners before the US Supreme Court in what promises to be the landmark eminent domain case of Kelo v. New London, has assembled the Amicus Curiae briefs filed with the Court supporting its clients.

According to the Institute's John Kramer, more than two dozen individuals and organizations have submitted briefs. These include world-renowned urban policy scholar Jane Jacobs, civil rights groups including the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, AARP, noted legal scholar Richard Epstein and the Farm Bureau. Each of these urged the justices to use the case of Kelo v. City of New London to end eminent domain abuse—where governments across the nation take one person’s private home only to hand that land over to another private party for their use. This landmark constitutional case, filed by the Institute for Justice, will decide whether the “public use” requirement of the U.S. Constitution allows the government to use eminent domain to take one person’s non-blighted home or small business so a larger business can make more money off that land and pay more taxes as a result.

The following is a list of these individuals and organizations. All of the briefs are available online in ".pdf" (Adobe) format and may be accessed through the Institute's website at: www.ij.org/kelo

Induviduals and organizations submitting briefs:

  • Urban Sociologist Jane Jacobs, Author of Death and Life of Great American Cities
  • NAACP, AARP, et al.
  • American Farm Bureau Federation, et al.
  • National Association of Homebuilders & National Association of Realtors
  • John Norquist, President, Congress for New Urbanism
  • Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
  • 13 Noted Property Law Professors
  • Property Rights Foundation of America
  • Richard Epstein & the Cato Institute
  • Better Government Association & Other Community Groups
  • Claremont Institute
  • Pacific Legal Foundation & Property Owners Battling Eminent Domain Abuse
  • Goldwater Institute, et al.
  • Cascade Policy Institute, et al.
  • Reason Foundation
  • New London Landmarks, Inc. & Coalition to Save Fort Trumbull
  • Develop Don’t Destroy (Brooklyn), Inc., et al.
  • New Jersey Property Owners Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse
  • Texas Property Owners Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse
  • Pennsylvania Property Owners Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse
  • Mountain States Legal Foundation, et al.
  • New London R.R. Co., Inc.
  • Hawaii Property Owners Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse
  • Tidewater Libertarian Party
  • Rutherford Institute

The Institute for Justice: www.ij.org