Self-serving Officials Are The Public Enemy
The (New London CT) Day, 10/6/04

Letter to the editor

Robyn Parker, Ledyard CT

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case regarding the Fort Trumbull area land seizure by the state.

This abuse of the Fifth Amendment and the concept of "eminent domain," it is hoped, will be stopped dead in its tracks by the Court.

More important, the people of New London and Connecticut will have noted the true crux of the issue: it is not the "evil" pharmaceutical that endangers our constitutional rights — they don't endanger our rights by wanting — but rather, the city and state government are the only ones capable of inflicting its self-serving demands on the people, including "takings" for some political benefit.

Know your enemy and know it isn't private business. It is government that isn't for and by the people.

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